Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The house with the pond

So we've turned in the keys to the apartment. I'll miss it, truthfully. It was a very good place to live, and we definitely enjoyed it very much.

But a house? Totally different thing. It's a totally different feeling. We have a pond out back, and I've made the master bedroom our office and it's big. All four of my desks fit in the room. I finally have the space to really spread out and work. I have a table that I can use for all of my photography, which is great--no more having to break down the photography "studio" every time we have dinner.

All in all, this is a positive step forward, I think. Though I may feel differently when I have to send in the first mortgage payment...


Andrew Thornton said...

Happy New Year, Lauren! Hope your new place is awesome!

laurelmoon said...

Aw, thanks, Andrew, that's so sweet! Happy New Year to you, as well.