Monday, February 23, 2009

Back from Tucson

Whew! It was a long trip. I spent time with my friends in WI before and after the shows, and now I'm finally home.

I had a great time talking to Andrew from Green Girl Studios, and I bought lots of wonderful charms from him.

I also bought a lot of great stone. Here's a small sampling:

Aqua terra jasper, fossilized wood, amethyst slices, larimar, keyhole components from C Koop, beautiful handpainted ceramic beads...delicious, isn't it?

Funniest moment was witnessing a vendor and a customer who couldn't meet on a price, and ended up playing rock-paper-scissors to make the final decision. ha!

I also bought some amazing vintage bead and vintage cab closeouts. Really delicious large flatback sunflowers and hand-faceted large glass rings and all sorts of amazing things. Watch my eBay store and my auctions for some really great pieces very soon!


Anonymous said...

That's a quite a bit of treasure you picked up! The keyhole beads are especially intriguing. :-)

laurelmoon said...

I bought a lot more--but that's for the eBay store. hee! I can't wait to start putting stuff online--some of it is really special.

These treasures, however, are just for me to play with--I hope I can make some really cool earrings and things out of them. I love the keyholes, too. They're copper with enamel, and they're fabulous!

Andrew Thornton said...

It was great talking with you as well! I only wish we had more time to chat.

laurelmoon said...

Yeah, there's always Bead & Button! Hope to see you there, Andrew.