Sunday, April 11, 2010

A new world in a bottle

It's been so long since I tried anything new. Like...really new. I took a few metalsmithing classes a while ago, but I'd already taken a metalsmithing class, and some of the topics were familiar.

But experimenting with these copper blanks will take me far out of my comfort zone. I'm excited and a little fearful. My brain teems with images. It also reminds me how much I've spent on supplies and how disappointed people might be by the end product.

I have to remind myself that without taking that first step, no journey will ever occur. It's okay for it not to be a rousing success. It's okay if nothing comes out of it at all. The important part of this is trying something new. Remembering that there are new doors all around us.

This is just an ordinary canister filled with salt water. There isn't anything magical or special about it. It's a good beginning. Water and salt, basic things.

I remember thinking about fingerpainting recently. Does anyone ask What's the point of fingerpainting? It isn't the art created. It's the feeling of the paint on your fingertips, the touch of paint to page. It's about suppressing the rational mind and letting something new form, something which may or may not contribute to the gross national product.

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