Thursday, July 15, 2010

A little gear in the works

Sometimes I wake up and look at the piles of stuff I have to do. And the piles of stuff I should do, which is infinitely scarier.

And then I open an order from a supplier, and I see the handwritten numbers on the bags, and I think...I wish I were the one doing that. I wish to be a cog in some great machine, stamping out my gears one at a time, doing something repetitive and mind-freeing. No great decisions to be made. No pathway to negotiate.

It's only a fleeting thought, and not one I think I would pursue, but still, it pops up from time to time and makes me wish I were behind the lead dog, simply pulling, instead of the lead dog with none behind her, slipping down a trail I don't quite understand and can't see far enough ahead to judge where to go.

Then again, it is a little exhilarating. And the view is nice.


*melanie* earthenwood studio said...

I think these thoughts very frequently, even when my business is doing well. I wonder why I can't want and need to do things that are easier.

But honestly, I don't think I could be happy doing those things. It's not in my nature.

It is scary but in the end, very rewarding.

laurelmoon said...

I genuinely like selling. I love the challenge of the market. I would like to do more creative things, but in the end, if I spend weeks sorting beads into little bags for sale, it's still fun and rewarding somehow.

But then I have those days where I just wish I could have weekends off, and sick days, and you know all of those thoughts and more--and boy do I wish I were just a little gear in the works.

:) Thanks for thie comment!