Tuesday, December 13, 2011

So. Much. Brass.

I just bought a new set of brass stampings. Pendants, charms, components, links, blanks...you name it.

There are zodiac signs, reindeer, teddy bears, turtles, bulls, Scotties, flowers, cats, saddles, tennis racquets, and seals.

I spent today taking 280+ pictures. Yes, you read that correctly. And then, because I just couldn't stop there, I edited them all, cropped them all, saved them, and then uploaded them. So tomorrow all I have to do is write the listings. New listings take a lot longer than existing listings, but hopefully I will be able to share these all by the end of tomorrow, or at least Thursday night.

After that, I will be tackling the huge job of the new semiprecious cabochons. whew!


steufel said...

Cute palm-trees!

laurelmoon said...

They really are adorable! I love all of these stampings--they're so nicely done.