Friday, August 29, 2008

Back from everything

I haven't posted in a while--I just didn't have time between the conference in Chicago and then running off to our honeymoon in Cape Cod.

We had a very nice time, except the timeshare was a It was a motel conversion, and at first glance I couldn't find the bed, only to discover it was in the closet--yes, it was a genuine Murphy bed.

I took some fun pictures, we went to some pretty places, and we had some lovely meals.

One of my favorite things was the glass museum at Sandwich. We watched a demonstration of glass-blowing and pressing glass, and got to see lots of wonderful pieces of pressed glass. They have several rooms containing hundreds of pieces. They also have a very cute display showing what a glass recipe creator's desk looked like, along with an audio recording of his great-grandson explaining how things worked. It was really neat.

Some pictures from the museum:

The different glasses are colored by minerals, which I had heard before. They had one yellow color that was colored by adding uranium to the mix, and they had a Geiger counter nearby to show the levels of the piece.

I love this pic--the matte glass pitchers look so nice together.

This was fascinating: apparently they made targets for Annie Oakley.

I have a few more pics to share, but I'll save them for tomorrow.

Nice to be back and blogging!

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