Saturday, August 30, 2008

Trying to brainstorm a new piece...

I have given myself several days off in a row (twelve, eeee) and I'm hoping that I have time to tinker with a few things. I only work maybe a day or two a week at this point, but I find that it does kind of put a crimp in the week.

I'm hoping to find time to work on my Etsy shop. I've restocked the scanned beads that I've sold, but I still need to restock the photographed beads that I've sold.

I've also put aside several pieces of jewelry from my show inventory that I'd like to list there as soon as I can. I really like the response I've gotten from Etsy--more hits than at eBay, at any rate.

So this is the prototype for a new bracelet...

I'm not pleased with the way it turned out. I was going to add picture jasper rounds to represent sand, only I didn't like the way they looked. In fact, I didn't like almost anything about it except for the beautiful glass beads and the awesome charms.

I think that I don't like the charm bracelet chain. I'm going to remake it with a smaller chain and use the flat square beads to connect the pieces of chain instead of having them dangle. And I'll find something else to help offset the length of the charms (with the links, they're rather long, and there needs to be something of medium length, I think). I gave my mom this bracelet, and I'll try making another one this week, I hope. I feel really inspired by those flat beads--they're made from vintage glass and as soon as I saw them I thought of seafoam. I very much hope I can make it work!

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