Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday

Heather Powers of Humblebeads started a meme called Bead Table Wednesday, and it sounded like so much fun that I decided to play along!

Bead Table Wednesday logo

Sadly, my desk is not very photogenic, and my pictures definitely reveal all of its undusted glory. But I'm going to soldier on. For the Meme!

My jewelry desk is actually my study desk, given to me when I was thirteen. It's just a typical presswood Sauder piece of furniture, with a work surface and an elevated shelf above that. It was the desk that held my typewriter for many years (my manual typewriter, at that), and eventually when the beading bug hit I pressed it into service (get it? pressed?) as my jewelry-making spot.

It has a couple drawers that are full of stuff I never touch, amusingly enough. I really should organize it better at some point.

Here is the first pic. This is the main area where I work. I've never used a towel or bead mat or anything fuzzy for beads, and they usually end up rolling all over, which is why I sometimes use lids from tins. I have a big collection of them at this point. I also use the little triangular trays, though I have a tendency to tip them over constantly. The white postcard is just so I can double-check colors, because with a background as aggressive as this fake wood-grain is, it can sometimes kind of shortcircuit my already wonky color perception. You can see my fantastic Eurotool pliers and my ancient ruler, which I apparently stole from someone named Kevin, probably in 1978.

There's a pendant from Earthenwood Studio and a couple of bracelets that I'm about to restring for a good friend of mine. There's also a collection of bits of chain, funky headpins, and a few leftover pearls from my last mermaid necklace.

The Laurel Moon Desk of Too Many Things

And now the next portion. The Back of the Desk.

This is a scary No Woman's Land, let me tell you. The tin lid on the right (remember my obsession with tin lids?) is full of leftover...stuff. Beads, single earrings, giant fine silver shell of hugeness, strands of offset pearls, crystals, headpins...anything that just hasn't been put away yet. I have a huge bag of this sort of thing, stuffed full of leftover beads and bits and bobs. Eventually I'll get in an organizing mood and put most of the stuff away where it belongs, but there will always be a few beads that stay in the dish. Forever.

The dish to the left contains some fantastic druzies set in sterling silver. I really have to get around to making something out of them. In the middle, you can see beads of Czech firepolish, meant for my made-to-order charm earrings. In the very far back, you can just barely see a plastic bag full of awesome vintage Japanese shell pendants that I totally will make into jewelry, I swear. Just not today.

The Laurel Moon Desk of Too Many Things...The Back!

Let's see. The right hand side of the desk isn't much better. There's a long train of charms, meant to be made into charm earrings, but I haven't gotten around to it. I might just polish them and put them away. There's a glass crescent moon pendant and a few Irish stamp pendants, all meant for eBay auctions, and a set of Swarovski vintage pagoda/potato chip beads, also meant for eBay. And my Soft-Flex cutters and crimpers. To the back you can see three bags of the last of the amazing Czech lead crystal that I auctioned off for (literally) years. I think I might keep it for myself. On the right, you can see a funky ceramic cup that Melanie from Earthenwood Studio gave me years and years ago, which holds pens, markers, screwdrivers, bead reamers, and a hatpin, naturally.

The Laurel Moon Desk of Too Many Things:  Right Side

And that's it. I could show you the Giant Wooden Rack of Doom (But Mostly Of Beads), but that's for another day.

If you're interested in seeing other Bead Table Wednesday photos, the Flickr group for BTW is here!

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