Friday, June 13, 2008

Back from Bead & Button

It was a hectic show, as always. I am a sales rep for another bead company, and I worked at their booth, and we were swamped. I'm happy to be back home!

I bought a lot of really wonderful things while I was there. Mostly vintage cabs and closeout Czech and pearls, but I also took the time to run over to Green Girl Studios and buy some fabulous components:

I adore the Green Girl look--mermaids and Medusa and owls and kitties--and now I'm even more excited, because they have absolutely fabulous keys.

When I first started selling jewelry, I sold skeleton keys on cord necklaces, mostly to kids. I always loved the look of skeleton keys, but hadn't thought of them in ages, until recently, when I saw Melanie from Earthenwood Studio's new line of Steampunk components, which included a keyhole component.

I feel a marvelous synergy in the air because Green Girl's keys seem to match so well! Green Girl's own line of keyhole pendants rocks, too. I can't wait to experiment. I sense some hours at my jewelry desk...

I also finally purchased a cabinet from Best Craft Organizer, which I have been meaning to do for ages. While I'm still in the apartment I only have room for their mini, but I will see if I can get the desk when I finally move into a house. Drawers for Etsy and eBay and the website, oh my!

I definitely have my work cut out for me at this point--I need to put some of my jewelry onto Etsy, I need to restock the eBay store with lots of new things (lots of closeout Czech, hooray!), and I need to keep working on the website.


Andrew Thornton said...

Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad that you got some of the key components. Some of the shibuichi keys actually fit the lock, which is really cool.

Thanks again for coming by and finding lots of goodies.

laurelmoon said...

I adore the keys--I'm already planning my designs with them. I love your work--it's absolutely wonderful! I can't wait to get some of the pieces on Etsy that I've already made--I'll let you know when they're up. ;) Thank you!!