Sunday, June 22, 2008

Crafting, crafting, crafting

I'm very excited with the hits on Etsy so far--some of the pieces I just put up have been viewed forty or more times. Clearly, none of the pieces are in the magic $20-$30 range, but I am hesitant to put the economical things up right now, as I have two shows coming up in July and August, and I'm not certain that I'll have enough merchandise if I have to put aside a selection for Etsy.

Then again, maybe I should just go for it. Selling something would be very nice right now. eBay is always a bit slow in spring, and it would be nice if Etsy could reel in the slack.

I just made another necklace from another Green Girl pendant, with freshwater pearls and aquamarines, along with a few Thai silver beads; I will attempt to photograph it tomorrow. Suffice it to say that, although it has a flaw or two (in my eyes), I think it turned out to be a rather nice piece, and I'm happy with it. I can't allow my crazy perfectionism to keep ruining my pace. If I obsess for too long over things, they end up like my Anne Choi bead that has been sitting on my desk in a tray with pearls and silver for three years, waiting to be made. I can't seem to work it out in my head to my satisfaction, and therefore it never gets made.

A friend just told me, "Perfection is the enemy of good." That's been really making me think a lot recently about my crafting. I really need to make things and stop worrying so much about perfection. That's not to say that I should just churn out anything--but something is indeed better than nothing, and I have been making something for the past two months and feeling "good" indeed.

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