Thursday, October 23, 2008

Living space

I'm on the brink of buying a house with my husband, and finally moving out of the apartment in which we've lived for seven years.

It's a nice ranch, nothing unusual or scary, just a regular house with a long, narrow eighties-style layout. It does have a sweet little pond in the backyard, more of a backwater kind of thing, but there is a muskrat who lives there and it's very nice and will be wonderful to look at.

Those of you who are self-employed will understand when I say that I've decided to make the master bedroom into the office. It overlooks the pond and is larger than the other two bedrooms, and I can't wait to have this space to finally set up my photograph shed and my camera full-time.

I have wanted a space of my own for so very long now. I've never been able to decorate anything fully, or to put my own spin on things, and to be able to create my own little world to retreat to is what I look forward to most. I can't believe I'll finally be able to put up all of the pictures that I want to, and I can't wait to be able to pick out flooring and make things mine.

Because that's what it's about--creating our own cave, where we can live and grow and (perhaps) raise a family. I'm really aware that this is a huge, scary step, but at the same time I'm completely excited.

This article was so intriguing (and yet sad, too); it's about artists who lived in apartments above Carnegie Hall, and how their apartments are being bought out and turned into educational halls. The community of people who have lived there for so long is disappearing, which is sad; but it's also incredibly intriguing to look into the rooms of talented, creative people. I love seeing what they've done with their own spaces. I love the spirit of art that inhabits their rooms.

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