Friday, June 26, 2009

Minature pirate treasure sorting

I woke up at just after eight this morning, looked at the alarm clock, and fell back asleep.

When I woke again, just a few minutes later, my alarm clock was off. I blinked and then realized we'd lost our power. A bit of investigation revealed that the nearly everyone in the tiny town where I live had lost power, despite the beautiful, sunny, non-windy weather.

So I spent today without the hum of my computer. No Miami Vice episodes. No Tori Amos songs. Just me, sunlight, and my sorting project.

I worked on the glass gems today. I've sold most of the large glass gems at this point. (I put them out at shows and marked them as "Pirate Treasure," and sold lots of them to kids.)

Now I'm down to the tiny glass gems, which will have the most appeal to diminutive pirates, I suppose.

They look so pretty in the dish. I love the colors. I think that making them available by color and style both is going to be a good thing. I can't wait to list the new sets!

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