Friday, November 19, 2010

All sorts of new listings!

Today's work involved photographing lots of semi-precious stone beads. You see, I put a few sets of closeout beads in my eBay shop, and they proved to be popular, so I've added a whole slew of them. There are donuts, and faceted beads, and ovals, and butterflies, all very well-priced and it many different kinds of stone. Carnelian, yellow turquoise, labradorite, amazonite, and on and on!

Amazonite and fossilized wood

Kyanite, staurite, yellow turquoise, and agate

Sage amethyst, carnelian, rainbow obsidian

Stop by my eBay store and check them out!

Don't forget--my blog is moving! You'll find it HERE from now on.

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