Saturday, November 27, 2010

Working from home

I am unbelievably lucky in some ways. Being mostly self-employed means that, when I'm not out of town on business, I get to stay home four days a week and work on what I want. I'm also incredibly lucky because I live in a lovely house with a wonderful husband, and we have this view:

The view of my backyard

Well, at least during summer, we do. Right now it's much Still, it's pretty inspiring, and I love being able to look out the window and stare at the water whenever I want. It's so pretty, and ever-changing. There are frogs and dragonflies and turtles, and the occasional muskrat. Tadpoles, and shiners. It's teeming with life and it's really fun to sit in a boat and float around on the pond.

However, my office still leaves a few things to be desired. The thing is, when we moved into the house, I stole the master bedroom for my office. In the apartment, I'd used the second bedroom, and I had to physically climb over the arm of a sofa to get behind my jewelry desk. Here, in the master bedroom of the house, I have plenty of room for all four desks (yep, four) and even a table for my photography needs. It's wonderful to have space.

But it's not yet a space of my own, somehow. For years I've wanted a really creative space with interesting things to look at and inspire me, and yet all I have are plain walls and old carpeting.

I think it might be time for a change. I'm going to start pulling out art and doing what I want in here. The eighties pastel curtains will have to go. I want to try and make this a more appealing and inspirational place. I mean, I spend four days a week here, I might as well make it as "me" as possible, right?

I think one of the catalysts was seeing a set of pictures. These amazing offices are so cool! They're from the world's most beautiful office buildings, and I'm just fascinated with how beautiful they are.

I don't have a world-class architect on hand, but I do have lots of pictures I've taken and some elbow grease. I want to do something new and make this a fabulous space of my own.

What's your crafting space like?

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