Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm on Twitter now!

I'm fascinated by this hyper-quick way of communicating with people. So far I'm starting to really enjoy it! If you're on Twitter, you can see my tweets under the name laurelmoonjewel.

"laurelmoon" was taken, of course. It nearly always is. So then I spent hours agonizing over what else to call myself. laurelmoonjewelry? Too long. laurelmoonbeads? I was worried about not mentioning jewelry. laurelmoonjewel? Sounds beady and jewelry-y, so that's what I took. Though I did think of laurelmoonsays, laurelmoonwhut, yolaurel, laurelsaysschnarf, laurelmoonville...

Hope to see you there!

Don't forget, my blog is moving! I'm posting at both places for now, but eventually it will be located solely here. Thanks!

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