Monday, February 21, 2011

Confession time

I like beads. A lot.

I like the colors and the textures and the shapes. I like sorting them and looking at them and buying them. I like stringing them, too, of course, but one of the best moments for me is when I bring new beads home and get to put them away.

I've bought quite a few new beads.

Laurel Moon new semiprecious stone strands

Opalized ammonites, lodalite quartz, agate slices, apatite, Indian bloodstone, fossilized wood, fossil coral, silver leaf jasper, carnelian, rutilated quartz...all so delicious!

Laurel Moon new high end strands

I can't wait to start beading with these. Some are going to be for sale at shows, but most of this is going into my designing inventory, and I'm already dreaming of new necklaces and earrings.


AVirtuousWife said...

I'm so relieved to see that someone other than me just loves bringing home and putting away new beads! I thought I was just strange... sure, I love to use them in jewelry, but part of my just enjoys running them between my fingers and then carefully pouring them into my little compartments. *smile* Your confession is worthy of applause!

laurel said...

I absolutely love sorting them and resorting them. I love putting them into the tackleboxes! It's just so much fun. I'm so glad to find someone else who enjoys this, too!!