Saturday, June 18, 2011

Back from Bead & Button!

And WOW have I found some delicious things.

The show was hectic and amazing as always, and I found some absolutely fantastic stone strands and unusual vintage beads. I went overboard this year and bought a little more than I normally would. You see, the semiprecious stone in my Etsy and eBay stores has been doing well, so I thought I should get even more. And then I couldn't stop.

So let me show off the stone beads. First up:

New strands from B&B, Laurel Moon

From left to right: fossil coral (dyed; this is totally gorgeous and YUM), lodolite quartz, Peruvian opal (I'm sure this is chalcedony that is dyed, but it's still very pretty), lavender agate, fossil coral (undyed), opal quartz, more Peruvian yums, laguna agate, dendritic agate

And since that just isn't enough, here are more:

New strands from B&B, Laurel Moon

From left to right: agate, agate, gorgeous golden rutilated quartz, turitella agate (it contains tiny shell fossils!!), rutilated quartz, botswana agate, agate, fossilized ammonites, agate, ocean jasper.

The rutilated quartz is unbelievable. The golden rutile inclusions are absolutely dynamite:

Rutilated quartz, Laurel Moon

And last, check out the amazing look of this Botswana agate close up:

Botswana agate, Laurel Moon

I'll be adding many of these to the store over the next few days. I can't wait to share these incredible stones!

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