Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I've been trying to find time to make jewelry for the past week. My jewelry desk is covered with crystals, headpins, jump rings, and gears in copper and brass. Everything is ready for me to try my hand at steampunk jewelry.

Only...I haven't found time to do this. Instead, I've been putting together eBay listings like mad. I have a huge drawer full of items for Etsy that have yet to be photographed. I have international verbiage to add to a hundred eBay listings.

In short, this has been a busy week, and I don't see it getting any easier.

Even so, the light was so beautiful this week and my clematis vines are blooming, and I had to grab a few photos while I had the chance.

Clematis, Laurel Moon

Clematis, Laurel Moon

Clematis, Laurel Moon

I'm glad I took the time to capture these flowers; they don't last very long, after all. It's good to remember to pay attention to the beautiful things around me, even when I'm crazy with work. Taking a moment just to breathe, to look at fireflies, even to enjoy a's the little things that make life richer and more wondrous.

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