Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bead table Wednesday!

Bead Table Wednesday

I'm just barely getting my entry done in time for this! This has been a hectic hectic hectic week. I came home from the Bead & Button Show with so many new things. I've been photographing beads and setting up listings, and trying to find time to make new jewelry. My day job asked me to come in a little extra this week and that kind of put a bit of a wrench in my plans, and to top it off, my internet connection is being goofy again. Grr!

Enough of that--there is a messy desk to marvel at!

I'm trying to get some of the new things processed so I can list them, hence the beads and bags on the right side of the table. You can also see the headpins and foil cabs I still need to bag (as well as the remote control to my DVD player, grin) and my new bag of goodies from Green Girl Studios. I can't wait to start designing with these!

Okay, back to the grind. I have new eBay listings to finish!

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