Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back, with new yums

I had a rather eventful week, some nice events, one not-so nice event, and now I'm home watching a horrible movie with a prehistoric alligator stalking luau dancers in Hawai'i. I should clarify that I'm not watching with a prehistoric alligator; he's in the movie.

I am going to spend this weekend taking it easy and thinking restful thoughts.

Of course, I couldn't come home empty-handed. I have a delicious new assortment of yums, some familiar, some new.

From left to right: amethyst, sunstone, fossil coral, rhyolite, agate geode slices, rutilated quartz, and super yum, Norwegian moonstone, which I rarely find. I hope to have these up in my Laurel Moon eBay store and my Laurel Moon Etsy shop by Monday.

In the alligator movie, a scientist is trying to warn the luau producer of the impending alligator doom. Producer: "If you are from one of those reality TV shows, you're in big trouble." lol. It's good to know that some things, like B-movies, are forever.

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