Friday, August 5, 2011

A brief interlude, with goats

My nephews are visiting from WI, as they do every year, and I've been taking them to our favorite places, as well as some new ones. This year we decided to visit Serenity Acres Now, which is the abode and farm of my dear friends in Fenton. They raise goats, chickens, and ducks, and they've been creating a truly meaningful life for themselves in the past few years. They are concerned with the quality of the food they eat, and this led them to raising chickens for eggs, which in turn led to raising goats for milk. They've had an amazing journey and you can read about it in the Serenity Acres Now blog or on the Serenity Acres Now Facebook fanpage.

Trase & George were so sweet and generous with their time, educating the boys, explaining all sorts of amazing mysteries about goats. They are veritable goat wikipedias. No joke.

Ducks! So cute. I loved hearing them quack. I've always loved ducks. Canadian Geese--now that's another story entirely, and one we won't get into here.

Serenity Acres Now ducks, Laurel Moon

The goats were so sweet, peering over the edge of their pen and hoping we had crackers. Thankfully, we did.

Goats at Serenity Acres Now, Laurel Moon

I had no idea that baby goats were so friendly! They came right up to us and wanted to sit in our laps. They would tug at the bottom of our pants to get our attention so we could pet them. Even the adults were friendly and sweet. Such wonderful animals! They are the cutest when they run and hop at the same time. Rop? Hun? Whatever it is, it's adorable.

Baby goats at Serenity Acres Now, Laurel Moon

We had such a wonderful time. We went home with a 12-pack. Of eggs, that is. Breakfast will be awesome! I hope we can visit again sometime soon.

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