Saturday, September 24, 2011

Home...with new beads!

I'm back from a buying trip for a few days, and then I'll be running off to do the Knot Just Beads show in Milwaukee, WI.

How was the buying trip? Um.


I bought nearly 100 lbs of beads.

I am not exaggerating.

Most of it is glass, some of it is vintage. I haven't even begun to unpack the other 50 lbs of beads I bought the week before. I am swimming in beads. I'm hoping to have some of the new stuff at the WI show, and it should be all up in the eBay store/Etsy shop fairly soon.

Some of it might be up a little sooner because I found some old favorites, which you might recognize below:

From left to right: druzy agate geode slices, turitella agate, amethyst nuggets, silver needle agate, sunstone nuggets, lodalite quartz, grossular garnet, ammonites, amethyst slices, laguna agate

I thought I would never see those gorgeous faceted lodalite quartz beads, and the beautiful turitella agate flat beads as well! This is awesome. I will definitely be restocking and listing new stuff all month. I can't wait!


horimarika said...

Cute beads!!!

laurelmoon said...

Thanks!! Wait until you see the rest of many fun things!!

Skye said...

wow. o.O so basically you've bought about 150lbs of beads in the last month or so, counting the last batch, right? :D Makes me feel better about my own bead shopping lately hehehe ;) Looking forward to seeing all the goodies!

laurelmoon said...

Y'know, now that you mention Yeah, I have really gone crazy this summer. But this is good--I have three bead shows in the next couple weeks, so I did need some new inventory. :) Let's hope everyone else likes these new beads, too!!