Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I keep telling myself that October is nearly over. Just one last week of crazycakes, and then I will go back to slightly-fewer-crazycakes.

One last show for the year (unless I decide to find a last-minute craft show). One last week of scrambling to put together the merchandise and figure out display options and find projects to do while I sit there. After that, it's back to the home base. I've cut the day job down to four days a month, I have lots of supplies to make jewelry, I have lots of beads to list, and I'm home for two and a half months. I'm really looking forward to diving into everything headfirst. First, though, on Monday, I will take a deep breath or two, or maybe fifty or sixty, enjoy the pond, spend some time just relaxing.

Today was a small triumph, at least. I finally managed to get the vintage Czech headpins into my Laurel Moon eBay store! At this point they're nearly all gone, but now that I have the initial listings done, they will be easier to list.

Who knew how difficult it would be to make a listing for glass that changes color? I ended up redoing the pictures for the alexandrite flower headpins twice because I was so worried about causing confusion.

In daylight or under incandescent lights, they look like this:

Under fluorescent lights, they look like this:

You see my problem. :) I think I have it all sorted out now, though.

I just need to take a big breath and wish for Monday to get here.

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