Monday, September 15, 2008

Artistic cross-pollination

Right now I'm working on a commission for a musical artist whom I've never met. She called me to give details about herself, and I have a basic idea worked out and will be putting it together as soon as the chain I've ordered arrives.

It's always interesting to speak with someone who creates. This is why I've enjoyed blogging here so much; I've amassed a small list of fascinating artists, and I'm quite happy to read their daily tales of inspiration, creation, and washing the dog. To live in the creative realm takes courage.

What was interesting about the conversation is that she mentioned beekeeping as a matriarchal Celtic occupation, and it suddenly dovetailed with a song by Tori Amos that I love very much called "the Beekeeper." The words and thoughtful comments of another artist often stay with one, but not always as spoken; sometimes the subconscious current is what is the most important. Right now I am exploring locks and keys and feminine archetypes like mermaids and Medusa, but next week I might trip down the bee path. All because of chance encounters.

I have always liked Andrew Thornton of Green Girl Studios. I've met him at many shows and have had fun conversations (though short, unfortunately) with him many times. His entry of today revealed a gorgeous floating island painting. I remember seeing a beautiful landscape once with numerous floating islands, connected by bridges, with waterfalls surrounding them like veils. This painting made me think of that. Another chance connection that will spend time in the subconscious until it's ready to bloom into something new.


Andrew Thornton said...

Oh! Thanks for mentioning me in your blog! I've enjoyed our conversations as well. I'm a Tori Amos fan as well and I'm particularly fond of that album. If you've read anything she's written about that album, she tells of how she developed it around various gardens and how there's a primal -feminine- guiding force known as the Bee Keeper. It's really interesting and adds another layer to the songs.

(Oh, and I was one of the luckiest folks to win a contest as one of her "best fans" and got to see her front row in a concert she had when that album toured. What luck!)

Cynthia and I talk about bees a lot. We read Neil Gaiman's blog and he keeps bees. We'd like to keep them too... alas... it's not as easy as it sounds. Perhaps, one day...

Thanks again for mentioning me!

laurelmoon said...

I absolutely adore Tori, and have loved her for ages. She is amazing, and I'm reading her book right now--the name escapes me--but she talks a lot about inspiration and channeling different types of music and viewpoints.

I did see her last concert, but was not in the front row--you lucky thing! I tried to get one of the special tickets reserved for fans on her mailing list, but it was sold out even as I clicked on it at the exact time.

And Neil Gaiman is awesome. I've read his blog for a couple years now and marveled at it. He's amazing!