Friday, September 5, 2008

Shells and spiraling inward

I've been home all week, as a kind of antidote to having been gone for 120 days of the first half of the year.

I have been under the weather, but I've still managed to work on some things, most notably my Etsy shop. I've added jewelry and beads there, which makes me feel like I've accomplished something. However, my work on my website still is lagging. I think that will be my weekend project.

I have made jewelry this week, which is very nice. Mostly nautilus bracelets.

I just can't seem to get enough of these nautilus beads. They're made in the Czech Republic with modern molds and vintage glass. The colors are fantastic. Unfortunately, I've run out of my favorite color, but the others are great, too. Even the fire-polish beads in between them are made of vintage glass.

Whenever I get a new bead that I really like, it ends up in nearly all my designs at first.

Hopefully I can continue in my creative hermit mode for a few more days at least!


Goddess Findings said...

Oh no! I just read on and found your posts on nautilus! I ADORE nautilus, I can't get enough! Ithink you did a really nice job on this bracelet by the way!

laurelmoon said...

hee! Thank you so much! I am always intrigued by spirals, and I love the look of the nautilus, which is a fascinating creature. And I'm glad you like the bracelet!