Friday, September 19, 2008

Reexamining priorities

This week I've been pondering things. Big things. I've been wondering about my life, my business, my dreams, and my goals.

Some changes are around the corner, most noticeably a house purchase. Which makes me wonder how to sustain my business and even grow it. Questions have been buzzing in my head. Possible paths grow and diminish. I keep poking around my bead collection and my show inventory.

I hope that the way forward will reveal itself in five foot high blazing letters, but the reality is that the best path is probably hidden by brush, or in a different direction entirely.


Gregory said...

I know that feeling so well. Its hard to see what to do when your surrounded by big decisions like buying a house. I'm fond of making lists of goals and things to do, seems like when its on paper, its easier to get done or decide. Don't worry, the answers will come!

laurelmoon said...

Thanks, Gregory! It's nice to hear something positive. I really appreciate the comment!