Saturday, September 13, 2008

Finding time to create

It can be very frustrating to find time to sit down and actually design jewelry. The balance is rather delicate...too much time on the computer, too much time packing and shipping, too much time monitoring eBay, and it all adds up and I find myself at the end of a week where I haven't created a single thing.

I don't think I'll remedy this soon, either. Instead, my focus this week will be on my website, which has been sorely neglected. I need to work on getting photos together and going over the descriptions. I wish I had worked on it sooner, but setting up the Etsy shop took time, and I'm always working on eBay listings.

Hopefully I'll have some good news soon. If I can get the website open, it would be nice.


jeweledrabbit said...

I hear ya on finding it hard to find time to create. LOL

laurelmoon said...

It's kind of scary, when you add up all the time spent in administrative tasks, isn't it?