Saturday, April 2, 2011

I went to a show, and I came back with...more beads

This shouldn't have surprised me. As always, I just can't help but get new inventory. I had a great time at the Madison show, and then I went shopping.

The first taste of yum:

New strands, Laurel Moon

From left to right: Rutilated quartz, fossil coral, amethyst slices, imperial jasper, rhyolite, red creek jasper, ocean jasper, sodalite, silver needle agate, and smoky quartz

I sold several pieces of rutilated quartz at the last two shows, so I've decided to carry more semi-precious stone. In fact, I'm thinking of selling some on Etsy, even though I generally don't sell any semi-precious stone online except for closeouts.

The thing is, I keep finding really special and unusual beads, and I want to share I think I'm going to start doing so!

I also checked out a semi-precious stone trunk show, and found some really nice beads:

New strands, Laurel Moon

From left to right: Rhyolite, soo chow jade, brioche agate, porcelain jasper, and apatite.

I can't wait to design with these. Sometimes the simplest cut--a round or a chiclet--is the most attractive in a necklace, and I'm eager to use these!

And a sneak peek of some new show merchandise:

Glass pendants, Laurel Moon

These were so jewel-like, almost like candy! And the molds are terrific--you can see how great these Asian-style shapes are. I can't wait to take them to a show.

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