Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pictures, pictures, pictures

I have taken nearly three hundred pictures this week. My camera has been working overtime!

Pictures for eBay and Etsy are important. You're only as good as your pictures, after all, and they must convey everything about your product in a very short period of time. They need to be clean, focused, and interesting, all at the same time. For Etsy, they should also be somewhat unified, so that your shop looks visually cohesive.

I have been thinking about overhauling all of the pictures in my Laurel Moon vintage bead shop on Etsy, and I finally had a block of time this week to do it. So I went through and pulled all merchandise that was still represented by scans, and I've taken new pictures.

Some of the pictures are okay, and some of them are great improvements.

This was my original half-drill bead assortment pic:

Vintage half-drilled beads, Laurel Moon

It was a scan, as you can tell. It does give the size and shape, but there's just something about a picture that makes me much happier:

Vintage half-drilled beads, Laurel Moon

I'm now experimenting with glamorous closeup pics for my thumbnails, hoping that they'll entice more people to click:

Vintage halfdrilled beads, Laurel Moon

Well, I guess they're only glamorous if you like beads.

The thing about Etsy is that you have to list or relist things continually in order to be seen in their search results. Because I have such low-cost beads, I am reluctant to relist, and therefore I try to avoid it. But for these new pics, I definitely will. I hope it'll draw some new traffic in. Plus, when it's done I'll have a much more cohesive shop appearance because everything will be on a similar background.

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