Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It was supposed to be a simple necklace.

So simple, in fact, that I decided to sit down and make it last week, even though it was late at night. I figured it would only take a few minutes and then I'd photograph it the next day.

After all, I only needed five beads, some wire, some chain, and a key.

First, I went through my beads (no small feat) and isolated the size I wanted to use, and the color. Then I went through my chain and found the style I wanted to use. The perfect size was too small for a hook clasp to fit through, so it was either use a toggle or use a separate piece of larger link chain for the hook clasp.

With a necklace this short, sometimes it's nice to have the versatility of an extendible clasp, so I decided to go with the chain and hook clasp method.

With that all figured out, I went to work.

I cut the chain the wrong length. No problem, right? I just figured out the length of one side and compensated by cutting a new piece of chain for the other side.

Then I put the beads on, and realized that the chain was still the wrong length. Only it was an entirely new wrong length.

So I cut the key and bead pendant off, and began to redo the chain. Again.

And then I had to cut the key off the bead pendant, and I cut the top of the key and ruined it.

At that point I had to sit still and decide whether to a) continue in what was turning into a completely fruitless endeavor, b) stop for the night and try tomorrow, or c) hit the chocolate stash and never look back.

Amazing how much trouble a wee little necklace can cause, isn't it?

I decided to forge ahead (fortunately, I have several keys), which was probably a really bad idea at the time, but overall it did come out nearly as I'd pictured it:

Laurel Moon Jewelry, key necklace

I think I might change it around a little for the next one. I'd rather have the beads closer together, for one. But really, what I'd pictured was a small, unobtrusive necklace, the kind you can wear every day with any kind of clothing or colors. I like it so much I think I might make one for myself.

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