Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday

Bead Table Wednesday

Today is a super-busy day, full of eBay listings and preparing Etsy photos and experimenting with my new camera. I have a few minutes before I dive in, so what better way to spend it then to chronicle my ongoing jewelry desk saga?

Bead Table Wednesday, Laurel Moon

This is an unusual desk picture, because this is something I do only once in a blue moon; it's sort-the-stash time.

You see, whenever I have a few leftover beads from a project, or something that's kind of unclassifiable, or beads I was intending on using in a project but just don't have the time, then it goes into a tray. When that tray overflows, I add another tray. When those trays are overflowing, sometimes I put all of it into a big bag just to get it off the desk.

Eventually, though, the bag reaches the breaking point, and I end up sorting. It's generally a much more difficult sorting project, because some of the stuff needs to be made into jewelry, or needs to be put back into my containers, and this means that I have to really concentrate and figure out how to resort this all logically. Which means that it often ends up...back in the bag. There are some beads that have been in the bag for three years.

The funny thing about this sorting project is that I only pull it out when a) I am desperately bored, or b) I am desperately needing to do something else. ha! Isn't that always the way?

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