Sunday, July 24, 2011

Show in a small town

This weekend I did the Arcadia Daze show in a little town in Michigan. I've done it for a few years, and I've always enjoyed it.

There are many fun things going on in this festival. There's a craft show, activities for kids, and pancake breakfasts and luncheons. The parade is always a hoot; it seems like every possible motorized vehicle ends up pulled into service. There are horses and cement mixers, ambulances and vintage cars, golf carts and fire trucks, and the big draw, the Scottsville Clown Band.

I love doing this show because I stay with my parents and it's always lovely to see them. My mother's gardens are in bloom, and I always try to take pictures. Sadly, this time my camera went to black after only twenty pictures. It's a bug this particular model has. I'll be sending it off to Sony when I get home.

Lilies, Laurel Moon

Today I sold a few pieces of jewelry. I like to inform customers about the different elements in each piece. One of the pieces I sold had a handpainted tree that the customer fell completely in love with and was very excited to buy.

The other piece had a mermaid pendant from Green Girl Studios. The customer picked it up and loved the mermaid and the faceted pearls. "Does this piece mean anything?" she said.

"On the back, it says, 'Love bravely,'" I replied.

She looked at me, and I could see that she was touched by the phrase. "I'll take it," she said immediately.

I love that kind of connection! I hope she wears it as a talisman and it serves her well.

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