Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday!

Or should I say...Bead Mess Wednesday.

Bead Table Wednesday

This is a very small section of the mess. It was pretty overwhelming at its height.

Bead Table Wednesday Laurel Moon

This is a little slice of the detritus of ten years of hoarding.

I have a tray on my desk, which I alluded to in the last BTW post, that has lain dormant--er, has "caught" extra beads for years. Every so often, I rake through it, and put some of it away, and the dregs are put into a big ziploc bag.

This afternoon, I wanted to make a special piece of jewelry to celebrate listing my 100th item in my Etsy jewelry shop, but instead, my Avoidance Trap got activated and suddenly I had to go through the bag. And the tray, too.

Fortunately, I curbed my OCD tendencies and refused to get farther than sorting. I put everything in piles according to where it should go. One pile for "keep for self," one pile for "sell," one pile for "broken," one pile for "sterling silver scrap," and one pile for "why on earth did you keep this in the first place." I've bagged them all by type, which should theoretically make it easier for me to subdivide or dispose of everything.

And with that out of the way, I could finally concentrate on the necklace.

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