Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The hair, it is a-changin'

Another entry which is not about beads or jewelry or making beads or whining about not making jewelry. No, this one is about hair.

I have very fine, stick-straight hair. It defies nearly all modern hair technology. It does not like to sit in a ponytail. It does not like to be curled. It does not like barrettes, or bobby pins, or clips. What does it like? Static electricity.

So yes, my hair has always been a challenge. Over the past decade, I've pretty much just let it grow. Every two years, I'd get seven or eight inches cut off and then just let it go again. I kept it in a braid most of the time.

But then I found out about Locks of Love, and that you can donate your hair, as long as the length you're donating is 10" or more. So I decided to let it go an extra year and then I would be able to donate it. I don't mind long hair, usually, but it did get really long this time.

Forgive the expression. I was getting frustrated with the camera.

It does look curly here, but that's because there's an old perm lingering in the ends. Anyway, I've gotten to the point where I have to do this elaborate hair-piling maneuver on the pillow at night, and my hair gets caught in the seat belt, and if I lean back while sitting, my head is effectively trapped at an angle unless I move my hair. Which means: enough.

After I left the salon, I realized how surreal it was to be walking around with a bag of my own hair. I'll be mailing it out to Locks of Love this week.

It feels kind of...freeing to be without the extra hair. Not that it was really heavy or anything, but it is kind of nice to not have to worry about getting it caught. And I'm looking forward to wearing earrings again, which I'd all but stopped wearing because they'd get hooked into my braid and it'd be a pain to get them free.

It's kind of amazing, though, because I haven't had hair this short in over a decade.

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