Sunday, March 13, 2011

Each day, a new photo

Today I've been working on my weekly eBay listings. Usually I rush to get them done quickly, but today I thought I would spend a little extra time and take additional photos.

I'm still getting the hang of photography; I don't think I'll ever understand it completely. There is too much to learn about it. It's fascinating and sometimes very rewarding.

I've been looking at my old scans and pics, and seeing the difference in the photos I'm taking now. Here is a scanner photo from a couple years ago:

Vintage German oval cab from Laurel Moon

Because I used a scanner for photos for years, I got very used to a top-down look. And of course, it's important that the buyer see the full front and back, which is what a scanner can do. However, a scanner cannot give the piece a more three-dimensional look like a photo can:

Vintage German cab from Laurel Moon

I'm starting to use this angle for most of my thumbnail shots. I like the way it looks. It looks best if there is a single item in the frame. However, for multiple-lot items, I don't like the thumbnail to be a single item, because I'm afraid people won't realize that it's for more than one piece.

So I am trying shots like this:

Vintage German flower beads from Laurel Moon

I'm still not certain about using this as the main photo; I think it might be a little confusing. I'm going to try to take more shots next week and see what I can do.

I do think that experimenting has definitely paid off. This week's photos look even better than last week's.

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